sunbrite drapery

Dependable Services

Experience Motorization

Decorating can be somewhat intimidating at times but our team of decorators are always ready to relieve the stress by providing you with the utmost in professional consultation.

We will spend as much time as necessary to achieve "the look" for your specific project. By working together, our goal is to help you to make the right choices to achieve your desired outcome.

Installation Services

A window covering is only as good as its installation!
Our experienced team of qualified installers are trained to install all our window covering products.

Not only will they install your window coverings, but they would also make minor repairs on any existing blind in your home during the time of installation.

Window Covering Maintenance

At times, minor repairs and cleaning may be necessary to keep your window coverings in their best condition.

We have access to all parts and repair avenues available for all the window coverings we supply.

Some shades can be repaired at our facility and others may need to be sent out, and all necessary repairs will be taken care of promptly.

Please call us before disposing your old shades.